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Beyoncé’s new pixie crop

Last week, superstar singer Beyonce posted a series of photos onto her Instagram account to show off her drastic new hair cut. She revealed a short blonde pixie crop – reminiscent of Miley Cyrus and Rihanna’s recent short hair cuts – combed back with a deep side parting and visible dark roots. The behind-the-scenes images of her new pixie crop appeared to be taken at a dressing table, and it divided fans to such an extent that Beyonce’s hair was trending on Twitter.

image: Beyoncé’s new hair (from instagram)

image: Beyoncé’s new hair (from instagram)

The former Destiny’s Child singer has worn weaves for practically her entire career – her wig collection was estimated to be worth over $1 million! Our hair is such a major part of our identity, particularly for women in the public eye who have their photos taken on a daily basis. Beyoncé’s long curly hair had become a part of her signature style, which is why this short, gamine cut came as such a shock in comparison to when Rihanna, who often chops and changes her hair style, revealed her pixie crop.

Fortunately Beyonce has the confidence, poise and facial features to pull such a dramatic hair cut off. Her pixie crop looks elegant and grown up, but fresh with a hint of rebelliousness at the same time. You can really see her beautiful bone structure now, as well as her gorgeous eyes and defined cheekbones: it’s a very fresh and modern look.

Many people – fellow celebrities, journalists and gossip column writers, fans and critics alike – have debated the meaning behind this drastic change of hair.

Just a few weeks ago, while she was still sporting her usual long, flowing locks, Beyoncé got her hair caught in the blades of a giant fan as she was performing on stage as part of her Mrs. Carter tour. The singer, ever the professional, wasn’t hurt by the accident and even carried on performing as it happened, holding her hair at the roots and continuing to sing as bodyguards cut her free of the fan! Is her new super short hairdo a direct consequence of this unfortunate accident?

image: Beyoncé’s new hair (from instagram)

image: Beyoncé’s new hair (from instagram)

Beyoncé’s stylists have all emphasised her new pixie crop as being a statement of the superstar’s power and womanhood. Her stylist Kim Kimble said “It’s a statement that ‘I’m young, I’m beautiful and I can do it all.’”, while her hair stylist Rita Hazan said “She’s saying this is who I am, I embrace myself. I’m strong and I’m still sexy.”

Many women find themselves heading to the hair salon for a drastic change in hair at a significant moment of their life, perhaps the same is true for Beyoncé. Is this new pixie crop a metaphor for rebirth, or a fresh start? After all, she has just entered her 30s, settling into motherhood and reaching the end of her Mrs. Carter tour.

When celebrities opt for a pixie crop they can come across as trying to imitate Audrey Hepburn’s famous gamine crop, which can sometimes seem slightly waif-like or twee. Carey Mulligan and Anne Hathaway probably fall into this category, since their girlish voices and style don’t do much to eliminate the girliness of the hairstyle. However, Beyoncé’s version is much cooler and tougher, and much more reminiscent of Charlize Theron’s or Halle Berry’s tough, independent hair styles. Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, too, are strong women who aren’t afraid to speak their mind.

image: Anne Hathaway (from stylebistro.com), Charlize Theron (from stylebistro.com), Rihanna (from bhairstyle.com)

image: Anne Hathaway (from stylebistro.com), Charlize Theron (from stylebistro.com), Rihanna (from bhairstyle.com)

When Michelle Obama had bangs cut into her sleek, shiny hair, it sparked a wave of women flocking to hairdressers’ all over the world to get a similar hairstyle cut in. Will we see many imitations as a result of Beyoncé’s new hair? Here are some top tips if you’re thinking about getting a pixie crop:

  Make sure a pixie crop will suit your face shape. It works great with heart-shaped faces and those with a defined bone structure.

  Pixie crops can sometimes look masculine, so off-set the androgynous hair cut with a curvy figure.

  Just because a pixie crop is short doesn’t mean it negates the need for product and styling – maintenance is just as important for short hair, and dramatic makeup will help achieve Beyoncé’s elegant style.

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