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Coachella Outfits 2019

The Coachella Festival is a massive event, you’d have to live under a rock to not know about it. It’s always a huge deal to people who aren’t even attending. Chances are if you follow any celebrities or youtubers, they we’re there. Coachella Festival seems to have it all… Ariana Grande performing with members of ‘NSync, Weezer covering TLC’s “No Scrubs” with Chili, amazing laser lights and confetti, and, of course, the iconic big wheel that takes over your Instagram for an entire weekend. But as always, it isn’t just the music that brought in the crowds – the fashion of attendees putting on its own show. With the usual glitter, skin, braids, and cowboy boots making their customary appearance – this year’s festival fashion seemed to have grown up a little as the style set went all out in their outfit planning.

While coachella might be the hottest ticket on both the festival and celebrity circuit, we all know that it’s really just an excuse for fashion lovers to show off their best festival outfits. And the claws really come out when they’re posted on Instagram, celebrities need to live up to their name through their outfits.

Coachella officially kicks off the summer concert season—and unofficially marks the start of summer style. Although the true stars of the show are the ones on the stage the festival is also more and more coming to be defined by its celebrity style stars, whose outfits are bohemian, whimsical, and, of course, always Instagram-ready. If you couldn’t make it out to the festival, here’s the opportunity see which stars—such as Kendall Jenner, Liza Koshy, and Vanessa Hudgens—had some of the best celebrity Coachella style in 2019.

And for those at home watching, Coachella is always the best place to get inspired for the rest of the festival season (Hey there, Glastonbury!, Trnsmt! Summer Sessions?). Just ask your soon-to-be packed Instagram feed. But first, our best festival boots and how to wear them at Coachella this year:


A good pair of boots should be the foundational piece on which you build the rest of your look—you’ll be wearing them all day dancing and walking so you want them to be practical as well as stylish, after all. You’re in luck. The following boots were not only made for walking, but also for tearing up the dance floor, posing for a million Instagram stories and running from stage-to-stage with your BFFs under the balmy Californian sun.

Liza Koshy, this one was a big surprise. I think everyone expected her to show up in a crop top and shorts but without any warning she goes and drops THIS on us. Her denim, country inspired look blew everyone away and she definitely stood out this year. Given that Coachella takes place in a literal desert, it’s really the perfect time to flex a western look . Channel your yeehaw energy with one of the following ankle boots: Scout Tan Arizona Ankle Boot, White ankle boots or the Westin Black Diesel Polish ankle boots . If you’re after a longer style, the Wilde Suede Natural Long Boot should do the trick. Wear with: If you’re looking to go full wild, wild west with your outfit, pair your cowboy boots with other festival faves like a fringed vest or a neck scarf. For an unexpected look, balance out your boots with a puffed-sleeve white summer dress or a pair of on-trend bike shorts.


Of course I couldn’t miss out Vanessa Hudgens, she is literally known for being the queen of Coachella style. For the record, Hudgens has been to Coachella an estimated 10 times over the years. It’s the same that it is every year. She describes her coachella style as ‘I live my best gypsy bohemian life at Coachella every year” which is some inspiration to take on for other summer festivals. Of course she lived up to her name and yet again showed up with an amazing coachella outfit once again stealing the crown. This was one of her first looks—a fringed patchwork-esque maxidress by Camilla—definitely sets the tone.

Festivals are an amazing place to express yourself and wear something bold or bohemian that you normally couldn’t. Its a great place to get outfit inspiration as well as have fun. However, you should express yourself in that moment is how you should express yourself.

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