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Full Glam Makeup Look

Looking for a dramatic makeup look for your next major event or a night out with your friends? Well you’re in luck. We teamed up with the Glam & Gowns Vlog and put together step by step instructions on how to achieve the perfect glam makeup look! Nothing says glamour like a bold smoky eye, carved out brows, and a strong contour. Want to look glamorous at your next upcoming event? Look no further! Get inspired here while I show you a step by step makeup tutorial that will make you look GLAM all night long.

1) Prep & Prime

As Cher said, “When you’re putting on your makeup its like you’re an artist, but instead of painting a canvas you’re painting your face.” First thing first: you must have a clean canvas. Make sure you’ve washed and moisturized your face. Next, apply primer to smooth your skin and make your makeup last all day. It also helps prevent clogged pores and breakouts.

2) It’s All About the Base

We all want a foundation with full coverage that will last all night. Always use a sponge or brush to apply your foundation and as long as it matches your skin tone, you can work with it. When concealing under eyes, you want a nice full coverage concealer. Remember that when choosing your shade, get a colour two shades lighter than your skin tone to bring light to your face and to brighten up your complexion. This concealer masks imperfections and smooths skin for natural looking coverage.

3) Contour

Start by contouring with an angled brush. It is best to begin with a lighter bronzer. Then, transition into a darker colour for a more natural look. Outline your forehead, cheekbones, and around the jawline. Then, blend the darker colour to your liking. Don’t forget to start soft and then build up, because you don’t want your makeup to look caked on. That’s not a good look. Contour your nose using a detail brush. Go down each side of the nose from the brow. This will accentuate your nose shape and make it look more defined with your face. Apply a gold or light pink highlighter colour to the highest points of your face. This helps to soften the edges of the contour.


4) Eyes

We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but second place has to go to glitter. Adding some glitter makeup or heavily pigmented shimmery eye shadow will bring your glam look to the next level! For the glittery colours, switch your brush and use the one you used for the light brown eyeshadow. Define the outer corner by applying a glittery dark shadow. Highlight the inner corner of your eye by applying a pearly light shade. Next, apply a lighter shade, or even highlight to your brow bone for a shimmering effect.

5) Lashes

Fly with your falsies. There are false eyelashes that can add glam to your make up look in a matter of seconds. They’re easy to use and have an amazing effect. Simply apply glue to your lashes and wait until the glue is tacky then align it with your eye and apply mascara on top.

Lastly, apply your favourite lipstick to complete the look.

This full-face glam makeup look is surprisingly easy to recreate and comfortable to wear hours on end. While this is a full glam makeup look, the products used actually feel lightweight and comfortable which makes this look practical to wear to an upcoming event, date, night out with friends – or heck, a movie night at home.

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