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Have Your Straighteners Past Their Expiry Date?

We all know that when it comes to makeup and skincare products, they have expiry dates. But can we count on our hair tools to last us forever? Do hair straighteners have an expiry date, for example? Well, I have some bad news for you; Just like your cosmetics your hair straightener does not last forever.

Have you ever felt as though your hair straightener isn’t doing its job as well as it used to? That’s because it has an expiry date – and you could actually be damaging your locks by using an old one. If you suffer from dry hair your straightener could be to blame, as it’s revealed they have an expiry date of just FOUR years! If you use them for any longer, they can dry out your hair and cause split ends.

GHD education manager Robert Kovacs is reported by Mamamia to have said old straighteners can damage your hair.

‘The condition of your hair may be affected. It can cause dry and split ends, and lack of shine,’ he said. ‘Like all electrical tools, how long they last depend on how often you use them but we would suggest no longer than four years.’

Hairstylist Jackie Dove revealed she agrees that hair straighteners do not escape expiry dates. She suggested buying a new pair every two to three years, and picked out three key signs to know when your pair has reached its limit:


1) Scratched plates:

An old straightener might heat unevenly or have cracked plates. While this sounds simple and easy to detect, Jackie told the publication what you should really be looking for is ‘lifted plates. ‘If you turn your hair straightener to the side you can generally see the plate lifting.’ She continued: ‘If they’ve lifted, your hair is likely to get caught in it.’ A way to tell if the plates on your straightener are not keeping their heat evenly is if your hairstyle takes longer to achieve and if your hair does not hold throughout the day.

2) Flashing lights:

Yep, apparently, it’s a bad sign if after your straighteners are ready to use and the light comes on, there should be a constant light with no flashing.  A good flat iron has a blinking light that tells you when the ideal temperature is reached. “The indicator will also tell you when it’s time to start hunting for a new one. If the light blinks often while in use, your iron has stopped holding heat and is on its way out.

3) Effectiveness:

This sounds like a simple one, but we often ignore it. If you’re having to go over the same piece of hair more than once, it probably means your straighteners aren’t nearly as good as they once were at styling. Meaning its probably time for you to get a new pair.

If you’re straighteners have reached their expiry date and you’re looking to buy a new pair here’s the best option;


Featuring professional Titanium plates and pro-variable temperature control to protect your hair from damage and for enhanced durability. Compared to ceramic plates which can deteriorate and cause pulling and dragging, floating plates ensure maximum contact and even heat transfer for faster styling in fewer strokes. Optimizes results for the smoothest and sleekest finish and the improved curved barrel design, is also ideal for creating curls, flicks and waves. Now on reduced to £74.99  at

It’s also good for your straighteners – as well as your hair – to occasionally take a break from using them; try having certain days off.

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