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Keeping up with Curly Hair

Finding the right products and hair care routine can be a long process, with lots of trial and error. Whether your hair is naturally curly, or you’re in the process of transitioning to embrace your natural crowning glory, the search for the perfect products and routine for your hair can make or ruin your experience.

The biggest and most common complaints from curly girls are: frizz and lack of styling knowledge. It’s all pretty simple but it will take a shift in thinking to care for your curls properly and have predictably good hair days. Here’s some products that are available

A product that will help boost your curls is the Sebastian Twisted Elastic Cleanser Curl Shampoo. Gently washes in moisture, injecting each hair strand with elasticity for easier styling hair. On day one in the shower, wet your hair and rub in the shampoo. Concentrate the product near your scalp and work it out towards the ends. The shampoo is very concentrated. If you are having trouble getting good distribution, add more water, not more product. Now rinse thoroughly.

To encourage your curls, the most basic things you should do would be to not wrap your hair in a towel after the shower. The reason for this is the hairs which are in contact with the towel will dry more quickly than the hairs not in contact with the towel. We need them to group together before they begin to dry. Also, don’t rub your hair with a towel. Don’t brush or comb your hair either. Now that you understand the concept of encouraging the hairs to stick together until they dry.


Next is conditioner.  The Sebastian twisted conditioner locks-in moisture and boosts elasticity for easier styling and touchable, flexible curls all day long. The shampoo was used to remove excess oil and build-up on your scalp, conditioners should be applied mostly to the mid shaft and ends of the hair. Think about it, the hair close to your scalp is new, it’s healthier than the mid shaft and ends and therefore needs less conditioner. Conditioners can weigh down healthy hair and cause your curls on top to be flat. Apply the conditioner by running your fingers through your hair. It’s okay if some of it gets on your scalp, just don’t start there or concentrate on that area. On day one of the routine usually condition twice, meaning apply conditioner, rinse and condition again. That is especially effective for dry and somewhat coarse hair. You should obviously adjust this part of the routine to your own needs. Finer hair (or short curly hair) may not need to be conditioned twice. Make sure you rinse thoroughly and can run your fingers through your hair from scalp to ends without hitting any snags before you get out of the shower.

Once you’ve dried your hair, it’s probably big, funny shaped and crunchy. Now you may be wondering “all that work for this?” Now that your hair is dried into curls, you can touch it without creating frizz as long as you touch it in the right way. So don’t run your fingers through your hair! Scrunch it instead.

In fact, touch your hair as little as possible. If it starts to look too flat, fling upside down and do a little scrunching. Fling back and don’t touch it. The beauty of well-formed curls is that they can last more than just one day. Diffusing is the curly girl’s blowout. It should last at least two, maybe even three days.

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