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Minimal Damage for Hair Dye

When you think of hair and makeup, your mind would usually drift to a professional who knows what they are doing. Now with millions of video tutorials on how to do makeup and hair, the only thing left to look into is how to get products that the professionals use at home. That £10 bottle of “non-damaging” and “magical” bleach you found on the internet? Run. Fast. When it comes to bleaches, you 100 % get what you pay for. Not all formulas are the same. You want to use higher-quality, less-damaging bleaches that have nourishing additives to help preserve the health of the hair. At Beauty International, we address this issue for you. We provide hair and beauty products from all the experts in their field such as Sebastian Professional, Wella Professionals, Goldwell and Nioxin.


These formulas are going to cost you a bit extra, sure, but if you want to keep your hair strong and healthy, it’s all very necessary. Especially if you’re not cool with hardcore breakage, dryness, frizz, and flyways. Once you colour your hair, you have to make sure you get a colour shampoo that won’t do more harm than good. When you choose a shampoo for coloured hair, there are few factors to look into, which are

  • Does the colour shampoo make your hair shine?

  • Does it make your colour fade-resistant?

  • Would it leave your hair harsh or smooth?

With our arsenal of products, you’re sure to find the right shampoo for coloured hair that would tick all the boxes on the list. You can choose from an extensive list, which includes Goldwell Dualsenses, Wella Professionals, and Senscience shampoos.

The darker, coarser, or curlier your natural hair is, the more conditioning you’re going to need both before and after bleaching it. To help mitigate the damage, she recommends slathering on a deep-conditioning mask, like the Wella Enrich Moisturizing Treatment or Strand Strengthening Moisture Mask (trust me; it’s genuinely a good mask), over your dry hair every night for the week before and after your appointment, in addition to a using a weekly bond-repairing treatment.

If you’re going platinum blonde, you need to use a product that helps repair and strengthen the bonds in your hair fibres.  To use it at home, just comb a palmful of cream through your damp hair, leave it on for as long as possible (overnight with a shower cap is best, but at least 30 minutes, if that’s all you have time for), then shampoo as usual. You’ll notice softer, shinier hair after one use, and significantly less breakage with consistent use.

Although the past has stories of how colouring hair could leave it brittle and weak, science has paved the way to a better colouring techniques. No longer do you have to worry about your hair not getting the right nutrients because you’ve coloured it. The products we offer aid in retaining the characteristics of your hair while it takes on another persona.

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