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Is Naomi Campbell the ‘Simon Cowell’ of The Face?

Naomi Campbell – one of the original 80s supermodels – is the executive producer and one of the mentors in the latest model search television show, The Face, which has just finishing on Sky Living HD. In the show, three supermodel mentors (Naomi, Erin O’Connor and Victoria’s Secret ‘Angel’ Caroline Winberg) competed against each other to find the face of Max Factor cosmetics’ Christmas advertising campaign.

image: judges of The Face Caroline, Naomi and Erin (from

image: judges of The Face Caroline, Naomi and Erin (from

At the beginning of the series the model hopefuls each chose their supermodel mentors; then in every episode Team Naomi, Team Erin and Team Caroline competed in a series of industry challenges to prove their modelling skills. Each week one of the model hopefuls was eliminated from the contest – which one to leave was decided by the supermodel mentor whose team had won that week’s industry challenge.

One of Naomi’s models, 18 year old Emma Holmes, was crowned the winner of the show last month. But in our eyes it was Naomi herself who was the real star of the show. We loved her fierce attitude and quote-worthy ‘words of wisdom’ – not to mention her rivalry with her fellow mentors.

image: The Face winner Emma Holmes (from

image: The Face winner Emma Holmes (from

Right from the beginning of the first episode Naomi wasn’t afraid of flaunting her industry experience. Born in London, she got her big break in the modelling world when she was just 15 years old; she’s appeared on over 500 magazine covers during her career, including being the first black model to cover Time Magazine, and has worked with some of the most respected designers and fashion houses in the industry, including Dior, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Burberry.

image: Naomi Campbell (from

image: Naomi Campbell (from

Before the show got under way, Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw said that Naomi Campbell “makes Simon Cowell look like a wuss.” We were all prepared for the supermodel to steal Cowell’s crown as the bad guy of reality TV – especially since she described herself as being like a “drill sergeant” and not afraid to push her girls to their limits.

And while Naomi’s blunt opinions and cutting comments could more than rival Simon Cowell’s – we particularly loved her comments on another mentor’s model: “some may say ‘girl next door’ and other may say ‘bland’.” – we like to think she’s a little kinder and more gentle than TV’s ‘Mr Nasty’. We prefer to liken her to The X Factor’s Sharon Osbourne. Both ladies are tough cookies with a no nonsense approach to mentoring and judging, but there’s a heart of gold beneath their blunt exterior.

image: the final contestants and their mentors (from

image: the final contestants and their mentors (from

In the first episode Naomi Campbell can’t help but smirk and taunt her fellow mentors as the model hopefuls starting choosing her as their mentor over the other supermodels – and this reminded us so much of Sharon Osbourne taunting her fellow X Factor judges as her acts perform! Her “tough love” approach is so Mrs O. too – she understands that the model hopefuls don’t need to be molly-coddled, but whipped into shape. And her entertaining antics and hilarious quotes are reminiscent of Sharon Osbourne too – here are some of our favourite moments:

When one of her models attempts a dramatic pose: “No, your arm looks broken like that. It’s either up or it’s down.”

When one of her models forgets to bring her notebook: “Where is your notebook? Every time I speak you should be taking notes!”

When her team fails to listen to her instructions: “I’m just going to put my head in the oven and close my eyes.”


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