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Tips for Taming Frizzy Hair

There are those who are born with naturally sleek, smooth and brilliant hair…and then there’s the rest of us. When the first drop of rain sprinkles from the sky, when humidity reaches an all-time high—your hair is wildly unmanageable and frizz-tastic.  Luckily, leading hair experts have managed to tame even the most rebellious of hair types and have some helpful strategies and well recommended products that really make a difference.

The first step is to understand what’s causing the frizz in the first place so you can take the appropriate precautions. If you’ve ever asked found yourself asking “why does my hair get frizzy?”, “how can I get rid of frizzy hair?” or “what are the dos and don’ts for frizzy hair?”, we’re here to help. We’re spilling all our favorite tips and tricks and products to fighting frizz so you can enjoy smooth, shiny, frizz-free hair.

Beauty expert Colleen Camp explains that there is a slew of reasons that hair is subjected to frizz. One of the leading reasons—unsurprisingly—is high humidity. Our hair tends to frizz when we walk into this type of weather, due to an uptick in moisture in the air. After styling your hair into a sleek look, the high-humidity environment causes your cuticle layer to rise, sending you straight back to your all-natural look, pre-straightener.

Without further delay, here are 5 thing to save you from frizzy hair;

  1. Lightweight shampoo

Though experts like colorist Kacey Welch warn against overdoing it on the scrub-and-rinse cycle, to get the sand and sweat out of your hair, you have to give your strands a bit of a wash sometimes. You can set your locks up for smooth success by choosing a lightweight formula and “avoid shampoos that have sulfates, as these will dry out your hair,” she explains.

For a frizz-fighting cleanser, consider this shampoo Goldwell Dualsenses Just Smooth Taming Shampoo specifically designed for unruly and frizzy hair. Provides manageability and frizz control with an outstanding soft hair feel and brilliant shine. Known for its moisturising effect. The active ingredient combination helps to even the hair surface and smoothes the hair structure for improved manageability, easy detangling and frizz control. Instantly creates manageability and frizz control and Minimizes colour fading. Available on our website

  1. Always use conditioner.

The power of a good conditioner is often underestimated. Ensure you use conditioner every time you shampoo your hair to keep the cuticle hydrated so moisture can penetrate deep into each strand. This helps prevent the cuticle from opening up and letting excess moisture from the environment in, which will keep it smooth. I recommend the Wella Invigo Brilliance Colour Enhancing Conditioner for Coarse Unruly Hair. This amazing conditioner supplies in ultimate performance that’s especially developed for coarse hair at the same time as protecting your hair colour, supplying you with hair that appears and seems like you could have simply walked out of the Salon. Be sure to apply conditioner from the mid-lengths down to your ends and keep it away from your roots to prevent oiliness.

  1. Try sleeping on a silk pillow case

When was the last time you gave your pillow a glance? Or rather, when have you thought about the type of fabric you choose for your pillowcase? If you want to avoid a frizz-tastic look, artistic director at Marc Anthony True Professional, Marilisa Sears says it’s time to go silk. “Bed head is the dance of hydrogen atoms and keratin getting tangled up in your sleep. Certain pillowcase fabrics like cotton can ‘catch’ your hair strands leaving it frizzy in the morning,” she continues. “However, silk pillowcases help to keep hair from knotting and are less likely to absorb your hair’s moisture,” she adds.

  1. Use a hydrating mask once a week.

Keeping the hair hydrated helps to prevent the hair cuticle from opening up and letting in moisture, which is the biggest contributor to frizzy hair. Try doing a hair mask or a specialized hair treatment once a week to keep hair moisturized and less prone to damage from styling. Look for products containing coconut oil or castor oil—both are amazing for hydration and will give your hair an incredible sheen. The label.m intensive mask is a good choice, with Bran, Cottonseeds, Shea Butter and Amazon Cupuau combine to hi-drench and restore hair. Apply to hair and massage from roots to ends to distribute product evenly. Leave in for 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Apply 1-2 times a week for optimum results. Also available on our website.

  1. Try to use hair tools less

Be mindful of how often you’re applying heat to your hair. Regular use of these products—from hair dryers to straighteners—can create static build up in your hair, which makes it more likely to cause frizz. Instead, try a routine that allows you to use these only a few times a week. If it’s a beach wave you’re looking to achieve, you can use braided styles to create this look and give your hair a break from the heat tools while still maintaining a fresh, trendy look. Its also really easy to do, start with damp hair which can be from freshly washed or just spraying water on your hair. Braid your hair into two plaits, French or Dutch that’s up to you. Keep them in overnight and when you take them out in the morning you have natural beach curls.

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