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What a Difference Makeup Can Make

Makeup can be a way to express yourself and help to show the world the way you feel, without having to say one word. You can give yourself a fresh, natural look or you can go full-on glam, with fake eyelashes and a fierce lip — or find yourself loving somewhere in between. Makeup is, in my mind, one of a girl’s best friends.


And when a person uses makeup to transform their look, oftentimes the finished product can be bewildering — sometimes, the way makeup is applied makes someone look like an entirely different person. These next people did just that: they took their natural, beautiful selves and turned it up to the next level with dramatic tutorials showing how they made their “before” looks into “afters” that are incredible.

You know the phrase “fake it till you make it”? Cosmetics can help you sell that. “Putting on makeup is like putting on a pair of high heels. It gives you confidence and makes you feel more in control,” says Sonia Kashuk, makeup artist and founder of Sonia Kashuk Cosmetics.

With over 2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, Jess Conte is making a name for herself in the beauty world. But to Jess, makeup isn’t meant to hide your face, it’s meant to enhance it. In one of her videos, she spreads positivity to her followers, telling her audience that she loves herself both ways — and that they should feel the same about their face, with makeup or without.

In another video, titled her “everyday makeup” the audience sees Jess looking natural and casual, with her hair in a messy bun and a fresh face. But her transformation over the next ten minutes is show-stopping, with a winged eyeliner that looks beyond perfect and a glossy lip that adds just the right amount of shine to her pout. Seeing her evolve into such a put together, youthful-looking kind of glam is truly mesmerizing.


Here’s a relatable one… We’ve all been there: waking up and feeling unattractive, all because a spot appeared overnight. Or, for those struggling with acne, it can feel even worse, because the breakouts seemingly don’t end-especially when you’re at a young age. Fortunately, there are a countless amount of people who struggle with the same thing, and some of those people chose to do something about it.

Em Ford, a YouTube vlogger who gained most of her followers when she posted social media photos of herself without makeup on, then turned the negative remarks and comments she received into a video, is one of those people. Choosing to ignore the negativity, Ford continues to post beauty tutorials and truly has the skills to transform her face into any kind of look. In another of her videos, she focuses her attention on how to cover up acne in a way that will still keep you looking natural in just minutes flat. She finishes her look with false eyelashes, a bold smokey eye, and a beautiful berry lip, radiating positivity and happiness.


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