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Published on March 19th, 2016 | by beauty international


What a difference your hair makes.

What a difference your hair makesRich hair in Paris nights

What a Difference your hair makes….

Take this quick quiz to see what difference our hair is making to you.

1.Would you rate your hair as one of your 3 best assets?

2.Have you changed your colour or style in the last two years?

3.Does your hair add to your holiday look or just get in the way?holidayhair styles

4.Could your hair be ‘party’ ready in 20 mins?

5.Do you have more than 3 different shampoos in your bathroom at the moment?

Your hair should be up there with your best assets and if it’s not you need to ask yourself why. Now we know all hair was not created equal but everyone’s hair can look better with the right choices. Knowing which cut and colour #suit you and not being afraid to change is vital. Sticking to what you know and are comfortable with is not always a bad thing but adapting your look and products for holidays and special occasions is a must. If you haven’t changed anything about your hair in the last two years, you are either blissfully content with your Look-Lucky You or you are stuck in a hair rut!!

Colour technology# is developing rapidly and it can really enhance your face by complimenting your skin tone and eye colour. You must also remember that a brighter tone for Spring or Summer can add a real sparkle to your look and in dull, pallid winter add a warmth and richness that will see you smoulder in any evening setting.colour technology

Be equipped to work with your hair-spend time experimenting with styles and dressings for special occasions. You spend time picking outfits, shoes and new lipstick, well, new hair looks and products are no different. Don’t leave it until the night of the event to bemoan your hair, utilise a skint Friday night in pre- party season to chill with ‘You Tube’ and some serious hair experimentation.

Let this pattern continue when preparing for holidays and breaks away. You don’t want your golden summer glow and fab outfit topped off with a frizzy ball of ‘beach ’hair. Keeping sleek and frizz free is a major challenge in hot, humid settings and even damp, winter nights on a city break can let that frizz creep in. Plan ahead with your products and equipment. Although overdoing the heat is to be avoided it is well known that blow drying closes down the cuticles and protects the hair from letting in more moisture. Pat hair dry and avoid excess rubbing as that will increase static and friction. Experiment with serums and oils and see which work best for you before you pack 5 bulky products into your precious hand luggage space and only really use one of them.



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