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Published on April 9th, 2019 | by beauty international


Why You Should Cut Your Hair Short

There are so many amazing an trendy short hairstyles around at the moment that most of us have toyed with the idea of going for the big chop. But going for that dramatic length-change can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’re an established member of the long-haired club.

It’s easy to fall back on a safe style of long hair that you know works for you, but that also means it’s equally easy to feel like you’re in a hair rut. To help you feel comfortable with chopping off some length, here are some reasons and some amazing examples of why you shouldn’t be afraid to cut your hair — whether it’s shaving it Stranger Things-style, going for a bob, or just dipping your toe with some shorter layers.

As for the layers, a layered bob or crop helps to add the appearance of volume in your hair, especially finer short hairstyles. Here’s some inspiration from actresses like Jennifer Lawrence and Gemma Arterton that have both had layers added to the tops of their hairstyles for a fuller look and are rocking the shorter hairstyle. Thicker hair especially looks great in a blunt cut, because there’s already so much volume, but also works with tapered layers towards the ends.

Another thing to consider is that naturally curly hair looks great in a bob or lob, as does wavy hair that’s heat styled for added texture. Square faces can be softened by tucking hair behind one ear, while round faces are defined with blunt edged curls that sit just underneath the chin (see our round up of the best curly hairstyles for more hair inspo.). Curly, coily and kinky hair all work really well in shorter styles, including pixie crops – your hairdresser will be able to cut according to your texture.

Blunt-edged, square bobs really suit a round face, as they give spherical face shapes more structure. If a bob is your choice of style, go a few inches longer than a traditional bob to balance the roundness of the face. But if you want to go shorter, pick choppier straight layers to complement your face structure. Need more inspiration? Here’s Kylie Jenner, who has recently became a mum but is still the youngest billionaire in the world, rocking her new short hair. Like her, if you have an oval face shape you’ll suit having your hair shorter. Luckily for you, this is the most versatile face shape, so the world is your oyster when it comes to hairstyles for oval faces. ‘The most important consideration to take into account is the individuals’ natural texture. This will determine the style, shape and length. Whether you’d like a pixie crop, chin-length bob or lob, your hairdresser won’t find it difficult to make it work on your face shape.


The angular jawline that characterises square faces is softened with a rounder much shorter hairstyle – whether a full 60’s cut, like Dua Lipa’s, or a pixie crop with feathered layering. Meanwhile longer bobs with graduated round layers below the jawline also soften your angles.

I know change is scary — and the anxiety you experience when thinking about, let alone actually chopping off your hair is very real — but it can also be exhilarating if you look at losing length through a more positive, rather than negative, lens. In fact, if you’re chopping off a lot of you’re hair in the one go an idea might be to donate it. It’ll make your experience much more positive and it’s definitely a good feeling afterwards.

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