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Why You Should Dye Your Hair A Pastel Colour

Candy-coloured locks, once reserved for only the most fearless of hair chameleons, have emerged as the hair trend of the summer. Celebs like Ellie Goulding, Katy Perry, and Kylie Jenner are no strangers to playing around with fantasy colours, and we saw it on the fall 2015 runways this past season as well, with baby pink strands making a splash at Gucci and Louis Vuitton. More recently, a previously platinum Debby Ryan took to Instagram to share her new half-green, half-pink situation.

Pastel colour is not only an investment — especially if you go to a salon — but a potential risk to your hair, as is always the case when using chemicals like peroxide and toner. “Although pastel is fun and a great summer trend, it’s nice to have a trusted professional that can help you along the way,” says L.A.-based colourist Lorri Goddard, whose celebrity clientele includes Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian. Depending on your hair’s natural colour, multiple rounds of bleach might be required to achieve the colour needed for pastels to shine bright.

If you really want to try that look you saw your favourite actress or singer sport then by all means do it! What was that one saying that was super popular but overused. I mean I’m pretty sure that the thought of having a different hair colour has crossed everyone’s minds at least once. Dyeing your hair is one of those things that everyone has to try once in their life. What have you got to lose? Getting a new look is always fun and you always feel a bit more confident after. Forget the haters and strut your stuff. And as for how to choose your new pastel shade? If you’re a natural brunette, work with what you’ve got and make the most out of dazzling dark strands. “Most colours are possible, but there are beautiful tones that can be created that are a little deeper than pastels,” says Moon. “It’s all about keeping the hair in good condition.” Just like switching up your makeup colour, it’s always important to keep skin tone in mind as well. “Some colours complement cooler skin tones more than warmer tones and vice versa,” says Moon. “But it’s all fun, especially when [clients] look like they were born with such a magical shade.”

The biggest thing to keep in mind if going pastel? Making sure hair is healthy and strong. “Keep it in great condition, then go in and layer whatever colour you choose. It’s a classic old Hollywood bleach and tone — the only thing that’s different is that you’re adding in a pastel colour,”

If you’re worried about the damage the hair dye is doing to you, there’s always products that can make your hair strong and healthy. Enhance, nourish and put intense shine into your hair colour with Wella Professionals Oil Reflections. This is a luxurious hair oil which smooth’s and conditions the hair, leaving hair light-weight and supple with up to 86% more reflexive shine. Wella Professionals Oil Reflections is a non-greasy oil which your hair will fall in love with. Can be used on either wet or dry hair by applying 1-2 drops of oil onto damp hair for an instant lightweight smoothening effect. Available at


The hair colour doesn’t have to be permanent. As fun as it is getting your hair actually dyed, there are other alternatives that you can do to get those crazy colours other than the chemical way. One way is hair chalk. Yup. It is exactly as it sounds. They are these chalk pieces that you can use to colour your hair. I swear it’s like colouring in a colouring book! It wears out with each time that you wash your hair so you don’t have to worry about waiting a while for your hair to grow out, just for your shampoo to take effect. There are many different kinds of hair chalk you can get which makes colouring your hair all the more fun. There are endless combinations you can go for so play up your creativity!

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